Copying xaml file from one project to another and I get this error

I have a workflow setup which logs into a website using Chrome within the REF framework.

I need to use that same logic in another project. I thought (incorrectly apparently) that simply copying a xaml file from one Project to another should work. Granted, I know that informational screenshots aren’t coming over as well but those shouldn’t stop it from working.

When I’m in Studio in the other Project and I simply attempt to open the file Studio gives me this error:

Could not find member ‘CommunicationMethod’ in type ‘’. Row: 82, Column: 21

When I look in the xaml file that relates to this line:

<ui:OpenBrowser CommunicationMethod=“{x:Null}” UiBrowser=“{x:Null}” BrowserType=“[BrowserType.Chrome]” DisplayName=“Open browser” Hidden=“False” sap:VirtualizedContainerService.HintSize=“597,1399” sap2010:WorkflowViewState.IdRef=“OpenBrowser_1” NewSession=“True” Private=“False” Url=“[in_xGLLoginUrl]”>

In the image below, that is specific to the “Open browser” activity.

I’m somewhat at loss why a simple copy gives that hard of an error for that activity.

Educational comments and/or thoughts ?

Well, answered my own question. Some packages within the two projects were at versions. Updated the out-of-sync package versions in the project I was trying to get the file to work to match the other project and the xaml file loads fine.

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