Import or Copy or Reuse Parts of a Project?

Is it possible to copy/import/reuse parts of a project in a different project? If so, how? I’d like to break a complex project into parts and combine them later, if possible. Thanks!

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With “parts of a project” I assume you are referring to a module in your project (*.xaml). For me when I would like to reuse a module into another project, I just copy the *.xaml file from the source project’s folder and paste it to my new projects folder. You would have to add the dependencies of the *.xaml file you have copied into your new project.

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So two .xaml files in the same project folder?

If it is a different project it would be a different project folder. If you have already existing *.xaml in your new project like main.xaml then you would have another one like the FileFromtheOtherProject.xaml. You can have as many *.xaml files in your project as you like


you can create a library, and publish your package into a local folder or orchestrator, then import this package in your new project, thats the way how you use reused workflows.


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Understood, thank you! I’ve tried that, but can’t figure out how to open the FileFromtheOtherProject.xaml file or import it into the existing project. How is that done?

Just Normally copy and paste it into your other project’s solution folder

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And just import the dependencies which the file was using

Once you have pasted FileFromtheOtherProject.xaml to your new project folder it will be available in your new project’s Project panel. Just double click it there to open it

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Thank you again, but your interface looks different than mine. I’m using UiPath StudioX Community version.

Oh sorry, I have not used StudioX but according to this The User Interface ( you should find it under project.