How to copy a folder?

I have to copy a folder and then paste it in another location. Can anyone help me with this?

@apriyam use send hotkey activity

use start process activity and point out cmd.exe


this example for Delete a directory. you can change the command as per your need


You can try this:

  1. Store the path of files in array of string.
    string FileArr = Directory.GetFiles(filePath); //use assign activity
  2. For each fileValue in FileArr
    Use copy activity with inputs as source - fileValue and target - targetPath.

This will copy all the files from one folder to another.


Hi palindrome,

Does copy file work with folders as well?

I am facing an problem when I point the full path of the folder as source, it gives an Access Denied. While, when giving the full path of a file, on same location, it successfully copies the file.

hi ddrdushy1,
could you kindly suggest what strategy to use to check if command execution is successful?


based on the command it vary. i usually use while loop after command prompt.something like this.



Check out the workflow posted by ‘Suchi3190’, it works perfectly fine


I’m sure you have already solved the problem but I made a workflow that will help future users out.Copy Directory.xaml (5.4 KB)


Hi @apriyam
You can use Invoke Method activity For It, and in the Target Type give Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.FileSystem and in the properties give the source path and destination path in Parameters.
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The xaml example copy folders and files from a folder to another folder.
Is there anyway to just copy folders only from a folder to another folder ?
Don’t copy the files in the folder.

Hey @jitendra_123

please attach .xaml for same. I am facing problem where to write source/destination path

Hi @Purvi
Find the attachments I have done it multiple ways you can go through it.CopyFilesDynamic.xaml (8.6 KB)CopyFoldeUsingInvokeMethod.xaml (5.8 KB)

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