Copy to Datatable is not a member of System.Array

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I am facing the issue which is provided as a attachment

rowItem.Select.CopyToDataTable().DefaultView.ToTable(False, “User Name”, “Domain Name”)

@vikumars What u exactly u doing in this statement.

You can try your xaml file created by old version UiPath Studio. I also encountered the same issue in UiPath version 2018.3.0 but fortunately that my old version xaml file still works.

I suspected that the libraries called by different versions of UiPath Studio are not exactly same.

Sorry that I cannot upload sample file for you as I am a new user.

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Any solution?

As stated in my previous reply, you can use old version UiPath Studio to filter a table and copy the data to another table. The file can be used in the new version of UiPath Studio. However, you cannot use .CopyToDataTable if you generate .xaml file using the latest version of Uipath.

It is quite weird.

Use Assign activity
TempDataTable =RawDataTable.Select("[Column1]=‘good’").CopyToDataTable


but how can I use old version of studio when my studio auto updated to 2018.3

Hi @sangasangasanga

See here:

But also here:

Please be careful :slight_smile:


So what you are saying is, I can add extension to my xaml file but also be aware after editing xaml file, there are chances it may not work, right?

Actually, I am quite confident that the solution will work in this case.

As to the warning/disclaimer, it is simply never advisable to edit the files unless you absolutely know what you are doing :slight_smile:
If you stick to the solution above, nothing will break and all will go fine. Please keep your backups though, for a good measure.

Filter Raw Data - Copy.xaml (8.1 KB)

You can use the file as a template. As said by logineror, the older version file includes different assembly references.

addding the reference manually is also not working

Hi @mudit

What is your Studio version?


It is working when the reference is added manually. Check it!