Copytodatatable is not a member of system array

(From p In in_sdDT.Select() Group p By HID=p(“house_id”).ToString Into Group Select Group(0)).ToArray.CopyToDataTable()

em getting exception for the above query

Hi @Chiru

Could you reproduce this on a separate, new project and share the zip file?

This way I could open your project as is (with all yours dependencies) and try to reproduce :slight_smile:

hello @Chiru
you can pass array in datarow activity then add that datarow in datatable


Hi @Chiru

What version of Studio is it?

There is also this workaround available:

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Hey @loginerror

Thanks for the solution/ fix.

BTW I’m using the studio v20.10.6 and still see this issue. So, I would like to understand the reason for that error and if there is any an officially supported way of solving issues !!

Thanks in advance.

This should have been fixed in that version, actually. It is fixed only for new projects though.