Copy the mail body and then paste it in body of another mail in Outlook

Hi all,
I want to copy the mail body(including table content) and then used that in Send outlook mail activity as a body field without losing the mail body format…


If you are looping the mails then inside that you can get the current mail body in a mailbody object, then you can use the same mailbody object as the mail body for the new mail in the send outlook mail activity.

–use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY and get the output with a variable of type list of mail messages named list_mails and enable ishtmlbody property as well
–now use a FOR EACH activity and pass the variable list_mails as input and change the type argument as
–now inside the loop use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL activity and inside that mail body input field mention as item.Body

Cheers @PrabhuViswa

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Bro, what should I give in Server and Domain field in Get Exchange mail activity and there is no subject filter option then how should I filter based on subject without reading it (I know by using if condition we can filter)

Hi @prabhuViswa,
Can you try below apporach.
1>get outlook mail message - filters are supported here.You can search through other posts on forum.
2>loop through the list to work on required email.
3>for the required email get the item.Headers("HTMLBody”).ToString
and store into a string variable using assign.
4>in the body parameter of send outlook email , check “is body html” and pass this variable defined in previous step.

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Thanks @Sourav_Anand …It works fine now :+1:

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