Copy specific number of files from one folder to another


I have 100 files in one folder.
I want to move 20 files from one folder to another as long as the the total number in the one folder is above 20.
I looked everywhere on the internet, but did not find a solution.

Can you help me, because I’m not a person who know’s a lot of IT.


Welcome to our uipath community.

May I know on what basis you will identify those specific files ?


there is no basis. I have a website where I can only upload 20 files at once.
I have a folder where I temporary put all the files and want to move each time 20 files to the folder where UIpath extract the files for uploading.

All the files have everytime a different filename so we can not use that as basis

Hi @chirogirl14,

You can try with a for each activity with a copy file activity as shown in the below image.

Hi @Sarathi125,

what do pu put as type for the move of the files?

@chirogirl14, Instead of Copy file activity use Move File activity. The file will be moved from the source directory to the target directory completely.


I think you are passing same filename, try the attached xaml.

MoveNnumberOfFiles.xaml (7.5 KB)

Hi, yes indeed.
it works thank you.