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Hi Guy,.
i want to copy and paste some file in 3 different folder, and each folder have same amount of file.
For example,. Main Folder have 100 file, then copy and paste those file for 3 different folder evenly. then it will have 30,30,40. for each folder.
Can uipath do that or is there any suitable activity?

@Amin So you want 30 files as the maximum in the folders to be copied but at the third folder whatever the number of files are remaining you want to it to be copied into that. Is that right?

Hi @supermanPunch

Yes… something like that.

Hi @Amin

Is it necessary to copy the files within 3 folders only Or it is also Ok that every folder will contain the 30 files and at last the remaining files (i.e less than 30 files) can be store in another folder ??

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:

hi @Pratik_Wavhal

is necessary to copy the files within 3 folder.
the file contain in the folder can be variable,. can be 30,40,100 and etc. as long as the total file inside the main folder can be divide into 3 different folder evenly.

Best Regards.

@Amin What if there are there are less than 100 files? Like 50 or 30 files ? Are the three folders already present ? Or do you want the bot to Create new three Folders?

hi @supermanPunch

if the files is less than 30 file,…
all file will be copy for each 3 folder,.
and the minimum files inside the folder will be set to 9 files…
this will be other condition,.
all the 3 folder already present…

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@Amin Check this Workflow :
i have used 10 files. You can test it with your own files.
DivideFilesBasedOnSize.zip (233.7 KB)

Hi @supermanPunch

it worked.
You’re awesome


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