Copy SO line with reference to another line (BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE)

Hello experts,
I am trying to create a copy of sales order line with reference to another line through BAPI.
ex. SO 12345 has 2 lines, 12345-5 (ship to 2222), 12345-10 (ship to 3333)
I want to create a 3rd line 12345-15 that has all the attributes from line 10

I am passing these 3 parameters in ORDER_ITEM_IN structure-
REF_DOC = “0000012345”
REF_DOC_IT = “000010”

All corresponding attributes are marked “X” in ORDER_ITEM_INX table except UPDATEFLAG = “I”

The sales doc line 10 is getting referenced, but not all attributes like Blocks, Ship to Party (2222) and line texts are not getting copied.

How can I achieve this without UI Automation. I want to copy all attributes of line 10 to newly created line 15.

Please advise


Hi @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 @gabi_verzea @ordo,
would you to be able to guide me please

Hello @Palaniyappan, would you be able to advise on my query?