Copying the datas from one file to another in sales force application

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I strucked in a process i.e. there will be bank account details of a one person(same person), I need to copy the duplicate(newly created account details to original account details), can any one guide me how to achieve it.
I need to copy from from second attached data to first attached data which are encircled.
The first step I need to login to sales Force, then I need open two separate windows as in the attachments then I need to do copy and paste as I mentioned begin. Kindly do needful. I mean how to do the flow suggest me the logic.
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Naveen Kumar S

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Hi @HeartCatcher ,

Iā€™m not very sure the workflow but you can try the following steps:

  1. Login to sales force and open the second page where you want to collect the data. keep all the values in variables with specific name.
  2. Open the first page
  3. Get the elements and check for blank or any required condition if have. Then type into the corresponding value which is already saved in your variable.
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@manjula_rajendran ,
Thanks for the reply can you please let me know which activity to be used to collect the data like data scrapping or get text etc
Naveen Kumar S

Use get text activity

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@manjula_rajendran ,
Thanks, I will try and let you know.

Naveen S

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