Double click on Sales Order line item


I have one Sales order with multiple lines item. I would like to double click on the desire line item
and enter into the that line.
I have updated Sales order# & line# in the excel A1 & B1 column.
My requirement is BOT will pick the line item updated in B1 cell.
Please help its urgent.


Hi @Asitabha_Deb_asitabhad

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So your requirement is to utilise the line item listed line by line and add into the webpage , is it right?

Hi Nived,

Thanks for reply.
No, my requirement is based on the SO line item I have updated in the excel file B column, BOT will select that line item and double click and enter on that line item and make necessary changes.

For e.g : Column A (SO#) Column B (line item)
xxxxxx 100

I hope it can help you.


Hi @Asitabha_Deb_asitabhad
Based on the excel you need to click on the line is that right?

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka ,

Yes, exactly.
Thats my requirement. BOT will double click on the particular line no.


You can try with these steps in the thread

Hope it will helps you

You Need to just change
Assign a default value for Demo = CurrentRow(“The SO Column”).ToString


Thank you I will try this.

Anyway, Can you please tell me, How I copy cell value from excel and paste in SAP.
MY working platform is SAP.


Refer the thread

Hope it will help you


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Hi @ Sudharsan_Ka,
Could you please advise how can I ask RPA to double click each line item in SAP?
I ask RPA enter the line items but RPA always double click for the first line item.