Copy row in for each

Hi Guys,
I have this scenario:
Rad Range
Open Browser
For each row
Insert dat from excel into Application
Using 2 elements exist1 and Exist2 ( because there two scenario to complete the process for each exist)
I need a help how can I copy the row for if the process in Exist1 only ?


Both element exists will give two different variables either they are found or not…

So use them in two separate if conditions one After the other so that both are check separately and perform respective activities in corresponding then block

Hope this helps



check if element 1 exist;
check if element 2 exist;

if(Exist2 ){
if(Exist2 ){
copy data

Hope this helps

I will test it tomorrow when open our system, thanks

Which Activity do use for Copy the data?

I usually use the recorder => TypeInto

Can I know how you doing that, thanks

I always prefer the non Modern Design Experience

Then go recording and use Desktop or Web

Choose Type => Type