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Is there any way I can copy the format of an excel range (in this case a row), to the rows that are after it? I was testing with the Copy Paste Range activity but it only pastes the format in a range corresponding to the size that was copied so if I copy a row it only pastes the format in one row.

@JavXult Does it mean you want to copy the excel format ?

Can you explain the scenario what you are trying to achieve here

Yes, I want to copy the format of the cells in that range, like the font, Alignment, etc.

The scenario is that I currently have an excel sheet with a table in which the format of its cells can vary, however, the correct format will always be maintained in the first row. Therefore I would like to copy that same formatting from the cells of the first row to the other rows that continue after it.

Please try to use the Read Range activity and select Read Formatting as below.

Excel package version is 2.11.4

Go to manage package download Balareva easy excel activity package ,
and There is an activity called formatt painter, which can does your job with ease

Please refer the above video to see how to use the activity

muhamed fasil

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