Copy Paste to Notepad

Hi everyone, @Vajrang
I need to copy a string from application, and copy to Notepad.
after copying to notepad, copy second string and paste it to same notepad.
my issue is, before pasting the second string i need to compare the second string with first string, if the matches do not paste to notepad, if it is not matches it should paste to notepad.
please help. thanks in advance

Hi @SudhaT,

In this scenario are u facing any specific challenge?

you can store the previous string in a variable and when you have a new string you can directly compare it if the result is true dont write it over notepad else write it.


Hi @Shikhar_Tandon,

the scenario is basically, need to copy each row from datatable(not able to copy entire datatable using any methods). so i have to copy row by row, that’s why i need to check whether i have pasted the row data before into the notepad. copying the row from application using send hot keys. so how can i copy the string/row data to a variable?

As an alternative approach what you can do is create a new datatable, the data you enter in notepad add it in the datatable as well, next time when you have to enter a row before entering the roe check that the respective data is present or not in your made DT if that is present means notepad also has it hence you can ignore that.