Data table operations, advance

Hi All,

I am stuck in a data table operation.
Here is the problem:
Input in form of Excel File(Logs from orchestrator) in which I need to search a string in a particular Column( “Column C” only)
After the search I need to copy the cell in which result is found along with the next 2 columns in which the result is found.

I need to do this operation for every single column I found with the string search.
Kindly help



Check as below to match the string
Tutorial : How to check a string is present in Excel Sheet || Part - 1
Tutorial : Check value exists in Excel Sheet using UiPath (Part-3) | Without using ForEach Loop/FilterDatatable - #2 by system

Copy the value to datatable

Hope this helps you


I got the row index where String was present,
Now I am able to copy the current row by using add data row to new dt,
how can I add the row of current row+1 and current row+2 to the new dt.


Hi @mohitkumar.gupta,

just add two more add data rows along with the previous one and you can also increase the row index accordingly.