How can I copy an excel table to outlook email without losing the format applied in excel? Studio X

Hi everybody, I wanted to ask if it is possible to insert a data table from an excel into an e-mail? I tried a work around using a word file, which was not working. Moreover, copy pasting was also not working (using excel and outlook as application).
In addition, I only want to insert the area which is filled with numbers.

If I am using the HTML editor, the format won’t be copied.

Thanks up front!

Hi @Hofecker_Andreas

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check below link, it might be helpful

Hi @AdityaVN ,
thank you for your answer, but I am using Studio X.
Therefore, this solution is not working for me. Any suggestions for studio X?
Best Andreas

I have the exact same question and also in StudioX. Were you able to figure it out by any chance? I would love to learn about it.

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