Copy/paste range from clipboard, selected to exclude header, uipath copies the header anyway

Dear All,

I have an issue with copying a list without the header from a webpage to excel. I have selected to “exclude the header”. however the robot copies it despite the selection. Any workaround you are aware of? Thank you!

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Hey @Laslo85

Could you please post the screenshots with an explanation?

It will be helpful in debugging & suggesting an approach if any.


I’m not sure I can post a screenshot, it’s sensitive information within.

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Cool, No prob @Laslo85

If you can show some other sample websites the same scenario, it will be great.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

May I know what type of output data are you getting it from Web application ?

it is a list of names, dates and numbers

maybe the first row is not recognized as header line from the data extraction. Just run a test and include the header for checking what additional is written to Excel.

Based on the result we can decide if first row / item from data should be excluded


Use Invoke Method activity to remove first value from the list.

TargetType: null
TargetObject: varList
MethodName: RemoveAt

Under Parameters field value as 0 to remove starting value from it.

Why are you using copy/paste? You should be reading the Excel file with Workbook Read Range.

Hey @Laslo85 ,

Would it be possible to share with us some repro steps to help us understand where this issue is coming from? Alternatively, could you share with us a sample project with data extracted from a non-sensitive website?


Hi lakshman,

Thank you for the reply.
I have 0 programming background, so am a bit lost here :slight_smile: Where exactly should I add this activity in the process: to table extraction or to the copy/paste range?

Hi @Laslo85 , quick follow up here - would you be able to share with us either some repro steps or a sample project that would help us understand the issue here?

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Hi Raluca! Thanks for following up. This is the table I’m extracting from a web-based application. I copy the data to clipboard and would like to add it to an excel table, but without the header. I select it, but the header is still copied.

Hi Raluca! I shared the screenshots yesterday. Can you help?

Hello , nice feature you have here :slight_smile:

What you could try to do is not not delete the header while the data is in the clipboard ( my educated guess would be that in the clipboard the data does not have a row marked as header ) and you should use the Project Notebook as an intermediary ( web → clipboard → paste to Project Notebook (( the data is not persisted there by default )) → copy from Project Notebook to Destination Excel and remove headers in the process


Hi Dragos! Thank you for commenting! Currently that particular website is unavailable, but I made a test an a random page. As suggested, I copied the data from the webpage to the scratchpad in the project notebook and from there to the excel and selected to exclude the header. And it worked! I will try again with our platform when it is back online. I will keep you posted! Thanks!

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