Want to input data into a form online from excel (read range), need to remove rows as there are multiple headers, but then that causes a duplication error - How to fix?

Hello, I’m quite new to learning UiPath and have worked my way through various training videos. Currently trying to run a task where data is read from an excel sheet and input into a form online.

The excel sheet in question has a few headers like so

Row A1 - Main Header e.g. Business
Row A2 - Sub Header e.g. Address, City, Phone Number
Row A3 - Sub header category e.g. Company HQ (under Address)

I have set up a flow chart to Read Range and create an InputData Table from the excel, Open the browser, Select the links to access the form and then ForEachRow I’ve used the TypeInto function to fill in the various parts.

The issue I have is this doesn’t work because for the Type function, I want to get the data from the A2 sub header sections, the A2 sub headers are duplicated in some sections due to them being under different A1 main headers. It’s the A3 subheader category which then differentiates what this data relates to.

So ignoring the main headers and trying to read the range from a specific row doesn’t work as it flags duplicates in A2, it doesn’t seem like I can bypass this. I believe I still need A1 and A3 in to help differentiate, but i could be wrong.

I’m not sure how I am supposed to indicate they’re not duplicates because A3 indicates what they relate to e.g. one is a business address and one may be a contact address.

I’m not sure what I need to change specifically so that the data can be read and input correctly online?

All help appreciated, many thanks.


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If you are having an issue due to headers, Then try as below

Remove the Add Headers option from Read Range activity and try to give the Start cell where the headers are not there and you can call everything using Index instead of Headers

for suppose you need to read the 1 column then use as below in for Each activity



@Srini84 Many thanks, that helped a lot!

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