Copy/Paste Range according to Column Header instead of using the column letters

I want to make sure that the bot copies the range with the appropriate column headline (e.g. Company Code). In case the table changes its structure and column E for example does not include the data (company code) anymore.
At the moment I use the following code, with a fixed column range (E).

FileName.Sheet(“Duplicate”).Range(String.Format(“E{0}:E{1}”, Saved.Values(Of Int32)(“1Row”).ToString, Saved.Values(Of Int32)(“LRow”).ToString))

How do I have to change the code?

@kira1313 - You can try as shown below…


and then choose Table and select your column headers…


Thank you! I tried it in that way, however then the error accrues Table not found: _ and it displays the second cell of the correct column. How can I fix this issue?