How to copy column headers from one excel sheet to the other?

I have been trying out all the options but I cannot seem to copy the names of the headers on to the other sheets.
I have already used write range to create a new sheet with checking add headers, But only column numbers show up, for example, column 0 column 1 etc. Instead of the initial headers, I had on the original sheet. What’s wrong with it???

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Hi @kei_jiae, Good to see you here.

Please make sure you check the Add headers option in read range as well (along with write range)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes but my headers become column 0 column 1 column 2 coloumn 3 etc instead of showing the original headers that I have

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Could you please share you xaml and excel files if possible ?

Hi @kei_jiae
Are u scrapping the datatable from the website ?