Copy Paste in column under last not empty cell

Hi guys,

As I am new member I cannot upload attachments so let me describe my simple problem.

I have two columns in sheet “sheet” named column “A” and column “B”. Both columns vary in the number of cells each and every time the user fills the columns.

I created column “C”, and I need to copy column “A” at the beginning of column “C” into the sheet “C2”. (this part I was able to do so)

Now I need to copy data from column “B” (and as I do not know how extensive - long the data from column “A” gonna be) and paste the data into the column “C”, right below the last cell, which was filled last (end of data from column “A”)

As data are placed properly in column “C”, now I need to remove duplicated and the process is done.

Last but not least, at the very end of the process, I want to maintain my excel worksheet open.


Did you try activities

  1. Copy paste range
  2. Remove Duplicates Range

Try this: (18,6 Ko)

It won’t leave the Excel file open, as this is a more complex process requiring opening Excel and navigating its menus. However, it does copy the column data as you’ve specified.

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Hi Anthony,

I’m brand new at StudioX and I’m facing a similar issue with Excel as sumiacan: I need to paste a column from an excel file underneath the last filled cell of a column of the target excel file. Both columns (target and source column) are of a non fixed length and vary on every download. There are also no duplicates in both columns.

I tried to open your ZIP file (thanks for that) but StudioX seems to be stuck at “Restoring Dependencies”: It blocks StudioX which doesn start up. After a while I get the message “Project is incompatible with StudioX profile”. I assume that the file was designed for Studio and not for StudioX.

Is there any possibility to have a workable download and/or assistance for this matter?

Many thanks in advance!

Kind regards,