Pasting column by column to separate application


I did spend few hours going thru forum but unfortunately didn’t found solution that applies to my issue. Hopefully good people of UiPath community will be able to help.

I have excel file with thousands of columns where each column indicates different order to upload. I would like to have those columns copied one by one and pasted into different application. Issue is that some of values between are blank, column range is always same (A1:A12 to xxx1:xxx12) and external application (ZOC,Putty) require pressing enter after each input which is included if you copy whole range directly from excel but disappear once you put range into data table.

What would be best solution for that? I was thinking about copying cell by cell with limiting range to X12 and skipping to Y1 next with pressing enter after each input but no clue how to make it. Unless there is possibility to just select range and copy paste directly from excel to app without converting to data table?

You don’t copy/paste to work with Excel. You use the Excel activities. I suggest starting here:

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Excel activities have a copy pste activity also which allows you to copy the range to clipboard…then from clipboard you can paste to the application