Copy output from Linux terminal

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to choose from a list in a linux terminal, this is the output of the command line ( choosenv) :


This is what i managed to do so far, with clear scrollback and copy all to clipboard :


Now what i need to do is the following :

 - Compare every item of this list(that can go up to 10-15 items) to a string i have stored earlier
 - And choose the number corresponding to the item and type it afterwards

You can copy the entire text data into a string and split the string based on a new line.
Now iterate the array of strings and keep a of condition to check your condition, then go on…

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You should go for Regex expressions, using the Matches activity using the text coming out of that terminal, experiment with it on until you get a hang of if or if in trouble paste the text you got that we help you out.

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