Copy outlook email body content from multiple emails and send the consolidated data through one email


I need to copy the email body content from multiple emails and send the consolidated data in one email. While doing this I need to preserve the format of email body content such as, text font, size, color.

Has anybody worked upon any such kind of requirement. Or anybody can suggest some ideas for implementing this.

Thank you in advance.

Nikhil More.

Is the subject of the mail for which you want to copy data is same in all mail.

Are the emails in outlook/hotmail/saved into a folder?

If in a folder you could have a workflow which opens a new email, then goes through each email in the directory in a for each loop, opens them, copies the text and saves to a variable, then pastes to the new email. This variable will be overwritten every time it runs through the loop but that’s fine.

Consolidation you can do , but I’m not very sure about the below point being possible as it defaults

You could copy it in, then use “click” activities to click the “format copy” button and apply to the new text? Might be tricky but maybe possible?

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Were you able to build this usecase?
I am trying to doing similar.

  1. Multiple emails are received from different recipients into RPA inbox.
  2. Use case has to open each email with same Subject & formatting. (Basically this is a daily status from all the team members with same format).
  3. Copying content from all the emails, putting it on one email and send it to manager.

Please let me know if this is doable. Any suggestions or sample use cases will be of great help.

Get emails.
For Each through the emails, concatenating body into one variable
Send email and include variable in body.