Copy information of a txt file in excel file

Hi all, I have a question, I need to copy and paste some informaton of a txt file in a Excel, but i need certain information, not all, and its a daily sales report, so never is the same information

workflow shows how to copy paste from txt to xlsx. you can select the range you want of the target window. (8.7 KB)

@molina_ppfe please share sample.

You usually don’t copy/paste into Excel. You use the Excel activities.

Is the report CSV? If so, Read CSV into a datatable. Now you can modify the data how you need. directly in the datatable. Then use the datatable in Write Range to write to Excel.

Sorry, I’m a new user so I can’t upload files

It’s a .txt, and I don’t need all the information of the txt file, only a paragraph

I recommend doing the more beginner training from the academy page, but here is one specific to Excel.

Hello @molina_ppfe - If you want to get only paragraph use regular expressions which makes the process easier. Please share the data of your text file

@ushu I can’t upload file, but my paragragh is something like that
“Date & Time Cd Type ID Debits Credits Balance
------------------- – -------- — ----------- ----------- ----------
09/13/22 8:10:30AM CA Opened 6 100.00
09/13/22 10:05:00AM CA 802066 6 238.50 338.50
09/13/22 10:32:00AM CA 802085 6 0.02 338.52
09/13/22 11:13:00AM CA 802103 6 144.23 482.75
09/13/22 12:42:00PM CA 802164 6 90.00 572.75
09/13/22 12:52:00PM CA 802168 6 214.67 787.42
09/13/22 1:09:00PM CA 802179 6 99.95 887.37
09/13/22 1:11:29PM CA Drop 6 600.00 287.37”

That looks like it might be tab delimited. Use the Read CSV activity and set it to tab for the delimiter.

You’re probably going to end up with a first row of data that has those dashes in it so you’ll need to remove that row.

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