Copy images, text, tables, etc from webpage to clipboard

I am attempting to gather all the elements of a webpage in order to copy and paste it to another. All sorts of scraping are too specific. Dragging the mouse over the entire webpage to the ctrl-c and ctrl-v doesn’t work. Whenever I run or debug, the cursor just stays in UiPath Studio window. I need to do this for roughly 1000 webpages. Any help would be appreciated.

What does this mean? Show us what you’re trying to do.

The text, images, and tables on the page. I also need to keep the formatting. I have tested, and copy and paste works. I just need a way to automate it. There are nearly 1000 pages, and each is slightly different in layout and number of tables and images.

What I’m curious about is where you say “paste it to another.” Another what?

If you show us what you’re trying to do we may have a better solution for you.

Anyway, you should just be able to do CTRL+A to select the entire page, then CTRL+C, then CTRL+V. The key is to use those keyboard shortcut activities in the correct scopes for the page you want to copy vs the page you want to paste into.

This is internal stuff at my company, so I’m having trouble thinking of a way to show it. Paste it to another webpage. People higher up are planning on moving to a different intranet provider, and I have to move some pages. The problem with ctrl-a is that it includes some header and navigation bar information that I don’t need and messes up formatting.

How do I limit the scope of ctrl-a to just the parts of the webpages I want copied?

You can’t.

Usually this kind of thing is done at the HTML level, by moving HTML files.