Copy Formula an Paste only in Visible Cells resulting from filter

Hello, Thanks in advance for your help.

My problem is that i want to copy a Formula from Cell A1, apply a filter on the Column A to show me the blanks, and paste the formula just in the Visible Cells.

Currently i am Copying the Formula From A1 to A3 (one row after the Header), Applying the filter and then using a for each row (From A3 to LastRow) that copies A3 to the CurrentRow of the for each activity. as it is the only way that the formula will automatically change its values of the Row (A3,A4,A30) Etc.

I want to see if there is a way to perform this logic in less time as in VBA you can paste only on visible cells of a Range. as the for each has to iterate over 3000 rows and for diferent columns

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Hello @davidm.perezcastro, Welcome to the forums!

I am thinking if you could do away with the filtering action by slightly changing the formula?

Using the IF condition, you could apply the formula using Autofill Range Excel Activity to the entire range only if the column is empty

That way you eliminate:

  • the filtering action each time
  • the logic to come up with the range after filtering the blanks on Column A - I presume that the rows displayed after filtering will change each time and make the logic that much more inconvenient
  • and the looping of the rows

Sorry about the confusion, IIF and IF sometimes throw me off. Here is an example of the “IF” function:

In combination with:

=IF(ISBLANK(A2),"BLANK, fill your value here","Not Blank. No action required")