Copy Excel data with all colors and all format

Hi All,

I want to copy data of 1 sheet with color and all the formats and paste it into another sheet of the same excel. it is working with Hot keys but i want another way of doing it.

Charu Rathi

Open excel and use copy and paste…using data table it may not be possible or bit complicated…

Hi @Charu_Rathi,

If u r able to get this done with combination of Hotkeys - that is pretty good.:slight_smile:

Any specific reason y u wanna try an alternate way.

Some times hotkeys fails and i just wanted to know another way for my knowledge

Hi @Charu_Rathi

HOTKEYS will not fail :slight_smile: as long as the selector for that Excel file is correct …

Please goto the Selector and the attribute which contains the excel file name, after the Hifen - Just put a star * sign.

I have attached a screen shot for ref.

Please try sending Hotkeys and let me know if u get any errors .

Hi @Charu_Rathi,

May i know how did you create a WF to copy a template with format and paste it to another sheet using Hotkeys? I wanna try this. Appreciate your help on this. Thanks!



Open both the excel by using Excel Application Scope and use Type Into instead of Hot keys.
In the Type Into for “COPY” use:- [d(ctrl)]c[u(ctrl)]
In the Type Into for “PASTE” use:- [d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]
In the Type Into for “SELECT ALL” use:- [d(ctrl)]a[u(ctrl)]

Charu Rathi

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Hi @baldonazamiko,

It helps you to fix this .


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Hi @Charu_Rathi, type into is working. however im having an error prompted as “Type into ‘EXCEL7’_Copy All : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ”

Here is my WF:

Please guide me. Thanks

Please create a stable selector using UI Explorer and if you need more help then you can share your Work Flow File.

Hi @Charu_Rathi, It worked then. Thanks for your help! However i have another prob. i am using “format painter” directly clicking on it at excel then after it sometimes pop up something in excel saying that “i am copying large size…” Just like that. What i want to do is that when this pop up appears, i just need to close it or click cancel button in it to proceed to another activity but when i do nothing happens. What can i do? any suggestion? Appreciate your help.

Here is the pop up message appreared when i click format painter.


hi, please intall this component and use custom activity called copy and past

best regards

Elvis Humareda

Hi @Charu_Rathi ,

I used Hotkeys to copy-paste the sheet. The thing is that it is not copying the row colours and table. All it copies is plain text. How can I copy data exactly same as from the first sheet?


Hey @Merlin_Joseph, welcome to the forum.

I would highly suggest installing the BalaReva.Excel.Activities, as mentioned by @balupad14 further up: Copy Excel data with all colors and all format - #8 by balupad14

It works really well and I think it may solve your issue.

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