Copy -> Paste excel sheet with formatting

i have template sheet i need to use for weekly raporting.
is there a way to copy paste sheet with formatting?, i tried to copy sheet1 and paste that to sheet2(by using send hotkey(ctr+c - ctrl+v) or type into) but i get just data without formatting?

ok good that you got data with out formatting. try to format in manually, because again you have to include steps to format in your WF.

Is there a way to copy the formatting as well?
I only know of the write range - read range Option which ist not pasting any formatting


You could try Invoke VBA or Execute Macro activities with this code:

Sub CopySheet()
Worksheets("Sheet1").Copy After:=Worksheets("Sheet1")
End Sub

The requirement is however that you enable running VBA code or macros in your Excel.