Copy Excel data with all colors and all format



Hi All,

I want to copy data of 1 sheet with color and all the formats and paste it into another sheet of the same excel. it is working with Hot keys but i want another way of doing it.

Charu Rathi


Open excel and use copy and paste…using data table it may not be possible or bit complicated…


Hi @Charu_Rathi,

If u r able to get this done with combination of Hotkeys - that is pretty good.:slight_smile:

Any specific reason y u wanna try an alternate way.


Some times hotkeys fails and i just wanted to know another way for my knowledge


Hi @Charu_Rathi

HOTKEYS will not fail :slight_smile: as long as the selector for that Excel file is correct …

Please goto the Selector and the attribute which contains the excel file name, after the Hifen - Just put a star * sign.

I have attached a screen shot for ref.

Please try sending Hotkeys and let me know if u get any errors .