Copy each text file content in folder and paste into a webform for submission

I would like to copy each text file body content in a particular folder, and then paste into a webform.

each text file = 1 web form submission

I managed to do it, however my text file body is having many words.
Using type into function, just takes too long to type into the webform.

Is there anyway I can speed it up? like copy all of the content and just paste into webform textbox?
I tried the hotkey Ctrl + O , Ctrl + A , Ctrl + C , Ctrl + V seems not working though.
It expects me to indicate on screen, however I cannot indicate as the file will be ever changing.

Why don’t you try Read Text File activity for each file and then write the value to the form @HJYOO?

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asuming you got the text from the textfile trough readtexfile and store the text in a variable
you could use set to clipboard activity, ths will reduce the opening of files and ctrl+a etc

and send hotkey ctrl + v in the web page

or as sugested by HareeshMR use the variable to use typeinto (but this takes longer in my experience) but easyer to use, but might also mis some letters sometime if ther is to much delay

Yes I am currently using read text and store in a variable
Then use type into to type in the web form text box.
As there are many words, the typing process is really slow.

I will tryout the clipboard method and update if it works :slight_smile:

@HareeshMR , @tbrinkman thank you sooo much~ the clipboard activity worked perfectly fine, exactly what I needed~!!

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