Copy data from Excel to PDF, read pdf text with OCR

I have a requirement where I have a set of Invoices, I need to copy certain data from Excel based on the Employee number and paste the Table into PDF at the bottom…
Please Help on this



Are you using any PDF editor, if not then try to filter the excel and create a new excel with the required data and format. Then save the new excel as PDF.

Thanks, But I need to append the data to Existing PDF,

try below steps

  1. using use excel file open the excel
  2. use copy/paste range set to clip board
  3. Open pdf document with word application
  4. use append text activity of word give empty input like “”
  5. use keyboard activity to paste the clip board value
  6. do save as pdf again


Thanks, Any other way we can copy the data directly in PDF

And I have one more issue, am getting error when using Tessaract OCR in Read PDF with OCR activity

Please help me with this


The following post might help you.


I want to use Read PDF with OCR activity


It’s same cause of Tesseract OCR activity. It might be solved by same way.


Thanks… its working

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