PDF to Excel - timesheet

Hi, I have searched the forums however, screen scraping isn’t working for me. I need the data to be in excel to do further verification.

You can refer below for samples:
Combined.pdf (2.1 MB)
TimeSheet1.pdf (708.0 KB)

Thank you xoxo

Do you want to scrape the relevant data and put it in excel sheet. Please explain your requirements .

Your question is incomplete. Are you trying to scrape all the data of PDF or some portion of it.
If PDF data is an image, to scrap complete data use Get OCR Text activity. If you want to scrape portion of data use relative scraping activity.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @ig250097 @KarthikByggari sorry, I want to scrape all data to excel. Most importantly, I need the table in the pdf to be in columns correctly in excel. I am using a searchable pdf thus I don’t think I need to use OCR. However, even If I tried to use OCR, it doesn’t read the table

Use get OCR Text Activity to extract the data from pdf , carefully extract data , you can use string function as well and then use excel activities to write data in excel . If you want any help then please let me know.

Hi @ig250097, thank you for helping.
I tried using ‘Get OCR text’ activity. The result itself is incorrect for me to continue

Up for this one. we have the same problem. OCR cannot recognize the text properly.