Copy data from dropdown inside citrix

I am trying to extract the selected value from the dropdown inside citrix environment. Copy-Paste is not working inside citrix. Is there any other way? Please suggest.

Try using a get OCR text relative to the text “Invoice Status”.
If you use Computer Vision it can do this automatically.

Hi Shirish,
If you are using Select and copy method then make sure the item you want to extract is active. Use a set of input method combination like tab or enter to bring the focus to “Invoice Status” drop down , to be selected item.

Scrape relative could be your another option. If text is not in selectable field.
Citrix Recording>Screen scraping > Scrape Relative.
It allows you to scrape the portion of an image relative to an anchor. It will use a OCR method. You could use an OCR engine that works best for you and a desired scale. A scale of 3 with Google OCR is best. Scrape relative use a combination of activity like Finding Relative image, Translating clipping region, Get OCR Text, Reset clipping region as its a shared resource.

You can use the output of Get OCR action output for your further process.

For more details see Uipath Academy foundation training - Lesson 7 - Image and Text Automation Part 3 - Image-based automation: Retrieve Information from 1: 50.

Hi @Shirish,

Try with get text using anchor

Thanks all. Issue has been resoled

Could you please mention on how did you resolved this? It can help other users finding for the same resolution