Copy a range rows from one excel to another

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I would like to know if you can help me with a problem that I have, I am something new in this from Uipath

I want to copy from an excel file X number of rows (from A2, as you see in image 1) and paste them in another excel on a specific sheet as seen in image 2, but continuing in the last row.
The second file has as a path: C: \ Users \ jesanch1 \ Desktop \ Reports Ltda and Lenovo \ STATE HP LTDA.xlsb

it is assumed that when the download process of image 3 is finished, the process mentioned above must be done

Someone help me please.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3


this activity can helps you


Thank you @fernando_zuluaga,

@Stivend19 and you have an activity called

Find LastRow that to find the last row of the sheet and it returns the row index.


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I will attach the files to see if you can help me better

The first file “DO_20191230110225” is from which I want to copy the information (as I was saying the number of rows is changing, it is not always the same)
The second file “ESTADO123” is where I want to paste the information (this will be pasted on the sheet “INSIDE-OUT OF GOAL”), but I want it to be pasted in continuation of the last row

The first file will be found in the path: C: \ Users \ jesanch1 \ Downloads \ DO_20191230110225.xls

The second file will be in the path: C: \ Users \ jesanch1 \ Desktop \ Reports Ltda and Lenovo \ Draft BOT \ STATE123.xlsb

Please help

Borrador (1,1 MB)

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Hi @Stivend19,

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Project : Borrador (1.1 MB)

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Do I need to create any variable?

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Yes. To store the row index, you need to create a variable.