Converting the datatable values from 0 and 1 to True and False

I am having two excel files in which one has data in form of true and false and another in form of 0 and 1.

Here “0” means False and “1” means True.

So i need to convert the values from 0 to False and 1 to True in the data table.

Here is the screenshot of data table for conversion


and then to match the values in both data table and then to find the unmatched rows in a new excel.

I am attaching the excel file here
Convert.xlsx (181.8 KB)

This excel contains Sheet1, Sheet2 and Output required sheet.

Please help.

For Excel having data in format 1 an 0
Use Read Range and then use For each Row
In that use If row(“A”).Tostring=“0”
then Assign row(“A”)=“False” else row(“A”)=“True”
similarly for all columns

And then use write range

After this u can use VlookUp for matching

Thanks for the reply but i tried this method and it is putting all the values to true irrespective of 0 or 1.

Why it is happening ?

what exactly you have performed can u share screenshot or workflow?

Here is the screenshot of workflow i used

Use condition like this

Hi @Swara_Soni,

Just try this