Comparing values in a single column

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I am scraping data that places it within a single column. Then would like to determine if each each value in row is between -1 and 1.
But in my sequence, it only returns the boolean based on the last row value.
How would I implement the following:
If one value is not within in range, it should set the boolean to rejected or false.
If all values are within range, it should set the boolean to accepted or true.




Just use assign stage

Introw = convert.toint32(row)

Then use if

-1=<Introw <=1

Hi Rahatadi,

I thought that is what I did, as I assigned the row value to a double variable, then used the IF activity.
Could you please clarify?

Hi @chend
Can you please upload your xlsx ?
Will provide you xmal.


UpdateValues.xaml (9.9 KB)

please refer this for solution

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Hi rahatadi,

Sorry, to reply to your first post. The values are via data scraping a web application and transposes the row into a single column of data.

This looks great, I will give it a go. I was wondering how does the select and length work?

I was thinking doing a count when the row.item is “False”, so when count > 0, then return boolean “false”
I was thinking of assigning each value into an array list and if the list contains a value or boolean of “False” then it will assign a boolean value to “False”

Would the above methods work? and if so are you able to assist how would set them up?

count is used when you are dealing with datatables

here, we are dealing with array so i used length property

you can use count, just need to convert array to datatable that is used copytoDatatable() method.


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Thank you for the clarification.


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