I want to change all negative values of a column to 0

In my excel sheet i have a column in which some values are negative.How will i convert all those -ve values into 0 without changing other entries.

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Follow the below steps

  1. use read range activity to read the data in the excel to a datatable
  2. Use a for each row activity to loop through the datatable records
  3. In the loop, use an IF activity to check whether the value is minus or not.

Int.32.Parse(row(“ColumnName”).ToString) < 0

If true, then update the value in the row

row(“Column Name”) = (Int.32.Parse(row(“ColumnName”).ToString) * -1).ToString

  1. Now, write the data back into the excel using Write range activity

Thanks for your reply but it is showing some error

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As @Lahiru.Fernando said clearly, crispy.

I’m just adding the example below.

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what if the values in table are in decimal number

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@Soniya215 You can use Convert.ToDouble(row(0).ToString) instead Int32.

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Thanks for your help.It worked sucessfully.

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Send me work flow bro