Converting HTML to datatable


Hoping someone can help me.
I am lifting the body of an email as html. Using regex to find the specific table I want and then trying to convert that table (which is in hmtl) into a datatable.

I have tried the HTMLtoDatatable component (taken from marketplace) but it does not format the tables correctly.

I have seen other posts about this but with no solution. Is it possible to do? If I open the email on a webpage and use datascaping it formats the datatable perfectly. However this is slow and i want to see if theres a better way of doing it.


Write the HTML (which is just text) to a file with extension .html
Use Application/Browser to open the .html file in the browser
Extract Table Data wizard to scrape it to datatable
Delete .html file

@Tony12 Data scraping would be the right and accurate one in extracting table data. My assumption is you were opening the email in the browser that would causing it to slow. Did you try extracting the data without opening it in web page ( from the mail application directly)

Data scraping needs a UI Element to interact with, it doesn’t parse strings.

Thanks for the reply Paul.

Can I ask do you have an example of the Extract Table Data wizard?
I am unsure as to how to configure it.


table extraction is the same, you can simply click on it select the table you want to scrape


just click on add data and then select one of the cells of your dt it will show you a message to scrape the entire data and just click on yes.

and end just click in the disk icon to save your dt.

hope it helps