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I have a problem, I receive a gmail message in html format, but I could not extract the data by means of codes, since I consider it to be the most secure way, without the need to open the messages

this is the format of the html file and an image of what the message is like

It is not a table format, because I have already tried activities that are used to extract html tables but it sends errors

I hope you can help me

@borismh It is HTML table, but you may be facing errors as tags may not be closing properly or some errors with code within activities.

Try this flow, it converts HTML string to list of DataTable and let me know if it works. Its a ready to consume component which can be modified as per need.

Generic - Convert HTML to DataTable.xaml (39.9 KB)

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I get an error and I do not understand very well how to modify your workflow, when I put false in the headers I generate empty data table, when I put true in the headers I send an error

I hope you can help me, the html file is different
archivo.html (11.4 KB)

the solution I found for this problem
is to download the body of the mail through the create file activity, I put * mail.body * as input and then with activities like get text, I extracted all the necessary data

in the same way, if you can help me to extract the data by means of codes, since I consider it safer

thank you

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