Convert HTML Table into Data Table

hi to all of the community,

some of you have ever encountered the need to convert an HTML table into a data table of type DataTable.

The case described above is the problem I am having.

If some of you have already encountered this type of need and managed to solve it, you would do me a huge favor if you shared the solution mentioned on the forum.

note that the html table is extracted by a third application. unfortunately this step prevents me from scraping the table. The ideal would be to be able to read the table by extracting the data and then converting them back to the data table
p.s. for the project I am not allowed to install unofficial uipath packages.

Hi @Fahad_Mohammed
Please follow these steps.
→ save html code as a .html file
→ open it in any browser
->use data scrapping and store in DataTable simple


Hello @Fahad_Mohammed

You can open the HTML file using the browser. Use Application\browser activity.
Then use table extraction to scrap the table.


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan @raja.arslankhan thank you very much for your responses and your time.

Unfortunately, data scraping doesn’t seem to work. when I try to have the output printed, the variable returns empty

please share the screenshot of the workflow created.



as you can see from the screen above, the output is blank.

is this html file residing in your local?
Add some delay before to Extract Table Data and check it again.

If its still not working, will it be possible to share the file here?