Copy data from html and focus paste into new excel

Hi how can i focus my excel application scope where it allow me to paste my data into itMyData.html (119.5 KB) Test for this.xaml (16.0 KB)

i want to copy all of the data in mydata.html and paste it into a new excel

ietoexcel.xaml (8.8 KB)

Is Like That?

yes correct like that
when open excel is focus then in background

For send Hotkey “Ctrl v” you can indicate Excel

when i debug is always running in the background

Did you indicate?
Like That
Screenshot 2021-05-10 161633

let me try indicate on Cell A cos i select the whole excel

and how can u indicate on Cell A cos when i hover it select the whole sheet

Em… I didn’t do anything
If you indicate you can press f4 to change the UI Framework
Try Other Framework to indicate

still not working cos mine is

i am creating a new excel call data usng application scope
previously i am directly opening a excel and is able to focus but i have to find image to save

Yup, So I use Start Process to open the Excel
I had sent the xaml before

is there the only way to focus the excel?

May be you can try set focus

tested still not focus i try a bit more method then

How do you close the process since we open the excel from open process after save?

Kill Process and enter the process name into “ProcessName”
Like “EXCEL”
You can check in Task Manager


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