Error: the process cannot access the file it is being used by another process

Main.xaml (12.5 KB)

When i try to copy html file to particular folder sometimes it show the error like this.
My use case is when the folder receive the html it automatically convert to a .xls file. Now every time i run the bot to convert files. i need to monitor particular folder. if any .html files are comes to the folder it will automatically convert to .xls file

Thanks Advance

@SriRam - The error is informing you that the process is trying to access the file and is unable to do so as some other process is using it. Please check if the HTML file the process is trying to read and convert to XLS is already open. Or the excel the process is trying to write to is already open.

If possible, please post your XAML file.

@sreenivasm plz check the above message already i post the xaml file… its below to the screen shot

@SriRam - I think I found what the issue is. This issue occurs when you choose to save a HTML page as a “Complete” webpage instead of “HTML only”.

Because when you save the webpage as complete, the browser creates an additional folder with the associated .css, .js files of the web page and when you try to move the HTML to XLS, there are some references to the files in the folder created and this causes the issue. You can try a workaround for this or save the webpage as HTML only. Hope this helps you to proceed.

@sreenivasm I create one folder when i run my bot it convert the .html file to .xls file. i have 10 html files in the folder i run my bot with in 2 seconds the files are convert to .xls and its open good. when i try to monitor the particular folder using monitor event i run my bot and copy paste some 2 .html files to the folder the file file successfully converted but the second file through the error.

Hello @SriRam
try add some delay like 5 seconds just below move file activity…
also log the file name at begining of loop to make sure bot is picking up correct files…


Thankyou @AkshaySandhu it’s working…

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