Converting Data table to HTML table (Table Format)


I have a data table, i have converted it to HTML table (using Data table to html table Activity).
when i run it the output is getting in html tag format. so i need it in table format.

Please help me on this.


Hi @suresh_kumar4
Check this

Ashwin S

I think your question might be a little confusing. You already have a data table, so why do you need it in a table format? The DT to HTML activity is so you can get all the html tags to be used for storing to html file or used in an Email Body with BodyIsHTML. So, the html tag format will show as a table in your Email Body, but just make sure your property for IsHtml is checked on.

If you would like something with many more features for creating an email body, then yeah you can reference my post that was linked by @AshwinS2, thanks.


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