Converting a PDF file to Excel file and Text file to Excel file

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Hi Team,
Most of the IT sector involves in Excel (85%) and rest of them in word,notepad,independent software vendor [ ISV ].
So,In automation Process all are expecting the direct way to convert all the PDF File to Excel File or Text File to Excel File but there is no direct possible to do that in uipath. we have opportunity to achieve that in uipath but not so much success i think all are struggling in this one.
So if it’s direct change as user except we give more easier means it well use for user.

In Forum Side also not getting the outcome resource is satisfy for this topic alone.
why because i myself created 6-7 new topic for PDF file to Excel file and Text file to Excel file no proper response

So try to re-solved this issues and consider as major thing

Could you give an example? Text file that should be converted to Excel?

Hi @badita
Please find the attachment of zip file below : (5.3 KB)


In your example, what happens if instead of “Banana” you get “Small Yellow Banana”? How should an activity resolve this issue considering that a Space Separated Values txt file is not a structured data file? :slight_smile:

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Hi Ravi,

Please find attached sample code to convert PDF to Excel. This might resolve your issue. Since this code is prepare for the sample project, please setup assets etc before trying. (199.5 KB)


Please check the error.

I want to run directly on my local without using server.