Convert Windows legacy to windows?

I have created workflow I have to convert it to windows.
Please any one help regarding this.
Thank you…

Hi @Vanitha_VS

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Just click the Convert to windows in the studio

Check out the reference image

Alternative method

One of the way to change the target framework and expression language back is through project.json file as in the below in line screenshot



In some system am getting “This project uses the Windows-legacy compatibility which is being phased out and will o longer be available for new projects in the next Enterprice release” this. and In some system where i have developed the code am not getting this, so I need o convert to windows in developed system. how to do that can any help me.

Go to Project.json file in the project location and update to Windows in the target framework in thedeveloped system. @Vanitha_VS

In my project.json file i have same code which you have sent in forum.

Share the screenshot of the project json file @Vanitha_VS

HI @Vanitha_VS

Instead of the Legacy update it as “Windows”



Hello @Vanitha_VS

Take a backup of your project before doing any changes. The try to reopen the project again in UiPath studio. You should get the popup at the top to migrate the project to Windows from Legacy.

After that update all the packages to the latest version. If you are using any custom packages it needs to be compatible with .net6 to work in Windows mode.

If you are still not getting the popup to migrate then update the project.json file and restart again.

Also whats the UiPath version that you are using?


After converting windows legacy to windows, am getting Missing invalid activities in my workflows. can any one help me

Can you create a new topic for this issue @Vanitha_VS , It will confuse other user who are all look for the same issue.


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