Convert tiff image to jpg uipath

i have scenario that convert tiff image to jpg format. What are more simpler way or any activity convert tiff image to jpg image.

Hi @pankajs3,
You need to check the Manage Packages. I found one package but it is not working with tiff. Otherwise I think one of simplest way is to make workflow which will open tiff in paint and using some click activities will save it as jpg. :smiley:

not by paint some specific or independent way.

Hi @pankajs3

please find the below attachements

just pass arguments input image path, save image path …
note output image path should be with format like “c:\a,jpg”
Image_FormatChanger.xaml (5.6 KB)


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@pankajs3 is this resloved your problem.

@amaresan i am not sure it this change file extention is good way or not

@pankajs3 did u facing any problem

am not facing any problem but only change extension is not good practice while converting TIff to jpg

Changing extension is not resolving this case at all. Windows can recognize the file because both are image type and windows can easily see the markers in image code. TIFF image file is less compressed and can also have many layers like Photoshop PSD file while JPG is compressed file which has only one layer. I agree with @amaresan

@amaresan is there not any other way to convert tiff to jpg without using any application