Convert data to excel table for filter


I have an excel which has some data i.e. rows and columns with headers but its not excel table.

I want to filter this data based on certain conditions like “NOT CONTAINS ABC” ANDALSO “NOT CONTAINS XYZ” and move to a different excel.

I tried using Filter Table but it needs 4 parameters i.e. Sheet Name, Table Name, Column Name and filter expression.

I am not sure can this be done without having Table Name. Any help will be appreciated.


Read the Excel data by using read range activity it gives output as datatable
And then use condition to filter the datatable data
And also refer the below link for filter the data using Not keyword


Thanks Hemanth. Yes I know I can take data in data table and use either linq r but I wanted to know is there a way in which we don’t load data into data table and perform operation in excel only. Also I wanted to know how to apply not contains filter with excel filter.

Hi @nikhilgupta,

You could execute SQL query from the excel file, however it would return a datatable as well.