Filter Excel Table For data other than certain value

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I’m trying to filter a data in excel file without moving the data into DataTable. I understand we can use Filter Table activity under Excel Application Integration. However currently I tried to filter a column where the data are generated from VLookup formula and I would like to tick all filter value except #N/A.

Anyone can advise how to do it?

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Sample Syntax:-
(from line in where(line.ColumnName<>“#NA”) select line).ToArray()

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Hi @FKirisampano,

Refer this post
Excel Vlookup Using UiPAth - #4 by arivu96


Hi @karthick

Thank you very much, it’s work for filtering data using DataTable. I Just wondering whether we can filter it without store the data in DataTable? So just filter in Excel using Filter Table Activity.

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Hi @arivu96

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Actually i already finish with the VLookup part. Next I would like to filter the result from the Vlookup only to show value that are not #N/A. If possible without using datatable. i.e. Just filter directly in Excel using Filter Table Activity.

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Refer this one
FilterTableExample.xaml (5.7 KB)


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Hi Thank you @arivu96

I will try Read all the value other than #N/A and save it as Array, and then use the array as FilterOption in the solution you show above.

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Hey, I see the file attached for filter #N/A. Would you able to guide me on remove filtered rows. I have entire excel with formula in each cell. so, want to remove #N/A and more rows from filtering columns.

Hey, I am stuck in same question, I also have values coming from VLOOKUP and want to remove #N/A. Can you guide me how to do that?