Convert Asset from 'Single Value' to 'Value Per Robot'

In Orchestrator, it would be good if you could change an asset to “Value per Robot” without having to delete and recreate the asset.

Perhaps have the option to select the robots you want to copy the single value across to.

Hi @andrewjames

I believe this is there now :slight_smile:


what should be the approach when to go with single value and value per Robot.
Need to know the difference between them.
please help.


I cannot see an option for creating a single value in asset how do we look out for this ?

You can use this switch here:

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yeah , things keep changing fast in uipath,

I was able to figure this out, can you please let me know how do I run REST API Wizard in UiPath Studio 2020.

Cant see the option …


You can install the UiPath.Web.Activities package and then use the HTTP Request to do so :slight_smile:

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are you referring to smartsheets ?

I just came across them … :slight_smile:

Not really :sweat_smile:

If I got your question right:

The answer is to install this package:

Which allows you to use this activity:

I hope it answers your question.

Often, when you need to automate some common API, there already exists an API wrapper in the form of our official activities :slight_smile:
(simply search for it in the package manager and/or our documentation)

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@loginerror Thanks